Stillhouse Lake – Rachel Caine

This is a review for books 1 & 2. I am currently not using the policy of putting reviews of a series together, even if they are read within a short span of time. This series is a bit of an exception. The first book is not worth reading, if you are not aware of the next book’s publication date ( I strongly side by this thought). The first book ends very differently from most books I have read of late, in an extreme cliff hanger. Luckily for me I got access to the second book via NetGalley.

Book 1 : Stillhouse Lake

This book introduces us to Gina Royal who is later better known as Gwen Proctor. She is caught unawares about her husband’s dark side. A chance revelation shatters her life and sends her running with her children for a sane, normal life. We see the constant mental turmoil she goes through as she finds out that there might be more to the threat to her life than she is aware.Stillhouse Lake was supposed to be her final refuge but after bodies turn up at the lake behind her house, she is under suspicion again. This first installment, as mentioned earlier ends in a cliffhanger with the people breathing calmer, knowing there was more danger ahead.

Book 2 :Killman Creek

Gwen and her current ally Sam Cade have decided to fly solo without the children to try to end the gruesome situation they find themselves in.There are harrowing incidents that follow, not for the faint of heart. Gwen is both trying to escape her serial killer ex and track him down to stop her troubles.In this book, we get an insight into all the players in this game separately. It adds to the thrill and the fast pace of the story, there are times when the heart moves its way to the throat while fingers are crossed for their safety.Both books of the series show a huge flaw in our current interconnected world where we see what we want to , while ignoring the rest despite having evidence to the contrary. It throws doubt on anything and everything. Trust is a fleeting thing, and that is the game that is played in this book.

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