Historical fiction, Mystery

They Found Him Dead (Inspector Hannasyde #3)

Note: I have been informed my review was a little confusing, and on further reflection I saw a few things I could change. So below is an updated version of the review

Georgette Heyer has a variety of historical fiction categories relating to the late 1800s. I have been perusing her mystery series and have finally reached the penultimate book in the Inspector Hannasyde series.The one that is left comes with audible narration so I am excited.

This book finally has the detectives solve the mystery ( #1 ,#2 : The detectives were almost mere spectators), although there are others who make significant guesses and expect this outcome. This is, as usual, not the highlight of the book. At the forefront are the random group of people who amount to family due to a twist of fate.

The story begins at the birthday party for Silas Kane.All of the involved party is introduced in turn. Most of them have a vested interest in how the next few days unfold.Silas faces an untimely end, but there seems to be nothing suspicious about it. Then slowly more issues come to light. This time the duo of Hannasyde and his protegé spend quality time with the clues for the case. The culprit may be obvious to the more discerning reader, but do not let that stop you from completing the book .The dry humour and the chaotic lives of the not-so-silently suffering Kane family and friends are the features of the tale.

P.S:In the Inspector Hemingway series #3 (all :#1,#2,#3,#4) I had come across Timothy Harte ( much older in that book and just an annoying teenager in this one) who makes references to this case. This inside reference made sense after this book ( since this originally precedes the other meeting) and this extra connection made me enjoy the book further.

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