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Written by Hand by Erica Tighe

To begin with,  I must admit that in our school education in India, cursive writing is a must. I am not sure how much of a colonial hangover it is, or if it’s the need for beauty in presentation like this book indicates. In either case, I have actually never written in ‘print’ or separate letters.

This book is for those of a similar bent of mind, or in this case, inclination of hand. The main point though is that for the full effect, it would certainly need to be bought in paperback/hardcover versions so that the workspace can be utilized. Since I was reading an advance reader’s copy in digital form, I did not have the pleasure of following instructions. It gives a slight peek into calligraphy and multiple ways that any interest in ‘writing by hand’ can be improved. It would be a fun book to keep anyone entertained while learning something that can possibly be put to use immediately.

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