Tonight You’re Dead (Sandhamn #4) by Viveca Sten, Marlaine Delargy (Translator)

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As mentioned earlier, this is a good translated work. There is no point at which you question if there is a better and more coherent version elsewhere. The story of the lead characters pick up where we left them in the last book. The case, on the other hand is new.

To begin with we are given a glimpse into the limited world, in 1976, of a young hopeful who is training to become part of an elite group called the coastal rangers. In the current world, Thomas is trying to get back to normal after a very serious , near-death experience in the last book. He is having nightmares and he does not feel like his usual self. This situation changes when a mother of an alleged suicide victim begs him to take another look. What begins as a courtesy, leads to a huge can of worms waiting for decades to burst open. Nora ( the other lead character) does not have much of a role in the solving of the case, her part focuses on adjusting to the decisions she made in her life. This story is shorter than the last few, at least it felt that way. I managed to finish it in one sitting. There is a certain depth of emotion that comes across in the books. We can empathize with all the people involved. In this particular story we see both sides of the situation when a case is on hand, the normal life Nora leads while running into the case details on TV and Thomas who is immersing himself in the case during all his waking moments and some of his sleeping ones.

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