Kingfountain #5,#6 by Jeff Wheeler

Please refer to Kingfountain #4 before proceeding with this post in case you have not read any of this series before. Also for other references of Kingfountain:#0.5, #1, #2, #3, #4, and the  Whispers of Mirrowen Series. There is also the Muirwood series which I have not reviewed in its entirety since I discovered it even before 2017 began before this blog took… Continue reading Kingfountain #5,#6 by Jeff Wheeler

Historical fiction, Mystery

Finding Philippe by Elizabeth Edmondson

After stumbling upon the fact that there are to be no more books by the author ( ref :A Matter of Loyalty (A Very English Mystery #3) by Anselm Audley) I felt the urge to make the best of things and read what is left of her books. The first on this list was this… Continue reading Finding Philippe by Elizabeth Edmondson