Historical fiction, Mystery

Finding Philippe by Elizabeth Edmondson

After stumbling upon the fact that there are to be no more books by the author ( ref :A Matter of Loyalty (A Very English Mystery #3) by Anselm Audley) I felt the urge to make the best of things and read what is left of her books.

The first on this list was this ‘vintage mystery’ available in Kindle unlimited. Despite not having audible narration, I jumped right in. The story starts innocently enough, as innocent as a wartime based book can be. We know of the inner, possibly dying thoughts of a man trying to understand what was happening to him.

We have the objects of his final thoughts, Vicky a few years down the line with multiple reasons to end up in France. The foremost reason , finding out the truth about her Philippe. She is joined on this noble quest by smooth-talking, red sock wearing solicitor Julius Drummond and later by her snarky niece Olivia (this character’s ending was the only part of the story that did not make too much sense).

The topsy-turvy world they live in gets more and more complicated, with attempts at their lives,the hidden agendas and secrets that have been held close for a few years. The subtle digs at each other and the droll conversation made this a delightful read.


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