Kingfountain #5,#6 by Jeff Wheeler

Please refer to Kingfountain #4 before proceeding with this post in case you have not read any of this series before.

Also for other references of Kingfountain:#0.5, #1#2#3#4, and the  Whispers of Mirrowen Series. There is also the Muirwood series which I have not reviewed in its entirety since I discovered it even before 2017 began before this blog took shape in my mind.

The above gives you a glimpse of the worlds involved in the tales told by the author. Now we come to the last two books of the  series currently being discussed.

The Silent Shield:

This book continues with Owen Kiskaddon missing, we are given brief glimpses throughout the book as to what he might be involved in ( with revelations only available in the last book). Trynne is a heroine to stand and cheer for. Against almost insurmountable odds, she continues to wade through to be a loyal champion of the king. She is very involved in her own army and deciding what her feelings for Fallon are. Each time we are given an impression that the wheel of time turns and history repeats itself. Being overconfident of similar outcomes as in the times before, we will be tricked into false complacency. The final battle ( of this book that is ) will take all of Trynne’s willpower to face up to the fact that she bears a huge burden by herself. This book leaves you on the edge so make sure you have the next one queued up to read up as soon as you put this down.

The Forsaken Throne:

The final adventure of the series has everything a story needs towards the end. It has guest appearances from tales that float at the edge of your memory,multiple battles between layers and layers of people’s never-ending wants and the triumph of the good and just the right amount of sacrifice and tears.Trynne has to find what happened to her parents, work with new relationships and fight against villainous outpouring from all directions.I remain vague mentioning more of abstract terms and lesser names just to ensure that the story is not spoiled by any unnecessary information.

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