The Good Samaritan by John Marrs

This particular book was an advance copy I received via NetGalley. The tale definitely qualifies under the thriller category because there is no secret who is thinking villainous thoughts and acting on them.

Despite the clear announcement of the plot of the story, there are multiple changes that alter our processing of the book.The main lead person is Laura and we are given a free pass into the twisted thoughts of her mind. She is handling calls on a suicide help line and things just get worse from the start of the book. The writer’s efficiency in keeping us hooked is the highlight of the book. We add into the picture one major other character who starts a war that he may not win.This warring of minds and desperation and the intricacies of what could go wrong in the functioning of seemingly normal efficient humans. Although the book is well written, at its core it was too uncomfortable for someone like me who tries to be blind to the crazy out in the world to sleep better at night. It has though made me more interested in the author’s other works and I am going to be following up on them.More reviews to follow.

I am back after the longest break I have taken of writing reviews ( if I am remembering this year right). I had not taken a break from reading though and there are at least two more to follow. I am still highly hoping to make that ‘what I read in 2017’ list with all the five stars and maybe something extra to make this blog more interesting.Suggestions are always welcome.

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