Killer Jam (Dewberry Farm #1) by Karen MacInerney

I found a new series! There are only four books at present in the series but I enjoyed the tone of the book and Lucy Resnick , ex-journalist and now small time farmer is someone I am looking forward to following into more escapades.

This book is women centric to a large degree with women of various designations at the helm of the little town of Buttercup.There are good women and bad, nosy women and of many other shades and styles. Many of them entrepreneurial, like our lead lady Lucy. She is trying to make a go of Dewberry Farm with the help of whispers in the wind and helpful fellow folk. Not all are helpful though , and one of these not so lovely ladies is found with a skewer through her and a jam jar of Lucy’s ( this part, of course is on the blurb of the book itself and I do not add much to the information quotient of the review, I am just keeping the flow of my narration intact). Since she is a relative outsider , she has a target painted on her along with known gain due to the unfortunate incident. To clear her name and to sustain her natural curiosity, she starts digging into the case herself and to the history of the town. New relationships are forged for her, and the case is only the central notion of the book and not its entirety. The next book is already downloaded and queued up at the end of the line.

I was most excited to see a few drop-ins at the blog during the time that I was inactive ( This is something that I hoped for but did not expect) and I hope it foretells a more vibrant future for this little piece of my attempts at sharing books that I have been reading.

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