The Promise Between Us by Barbara Claypole White

There are times when reading something uncomfortable and not altogether happy still gives you an admiration for how the human mind and spirit work. This book is one of those times. The story is not of one person but of a family. This family is not traditional in any sense. Each individual of this family is tied to Maisie, the core of it all.

Each person who is trying in some way to be a parent to Maisie( who herself may not be safe from grown up troubles) is carrying a burden.The mental weight that dictates most people’s actions are the root cause of the dysfunction. Katie is the mother who never was, Lilah is the mother who is. Jack and Callum are the men who have tried to nourish Maisie for the last nine years since Katie ran away. This is not a book with too many twists, just a few. The conversations between them to sustain equanimity defines the book.

It is a well written tale and has all the right elements to grab and keep our attention. My next plan of action is to dig up more of the author’s works.


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