Her Best Friend by Sarah Wray

This is a complicated review to write for one main reason. The reason being I am on a holiday with other demands on my time ( considering my current lack of posts to any who follow, makes it obvious). That being said, I found the book good as a stepping stone. The plot and the pacing of events were good. I just feel like the author is building up to do even better in the next one.

There is a faint feeling of confusion in the events being described in the book. The story is of a woman who has come back to her childhood home after several years. The absence stretched out due to a falling out with her mother following her father’s demise and her best friend being killed.The case has gained traction since an aspiring filmmaker is trying to make a documentary on it. None of the people in the book are those who one would back as a friend. The case swings between the past and present giving us fractured information of the occurrences. This lets us bounce suspicions and guesses around, therefore doing its job.

I would definitely read the next book by this author.

P.S: I have started work on an ambitious 2017 list , fuelled by many other lists that I see floating around at this time as the year ends. Hopefully I have sudden inspiration to make it worth people’s while.

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