Feel good

Miracle on Chance Avenue by Jane Porter

I am starting this year by loosening the reins. I have spent the last year slowly building up a credible set of recommendations which would appeal to the highbrow and the more chilled reader. I avoided the standard set of books that I spent a good part of my first few years in the US devouring ( this being the most appropriate word). Now that I have convinced myself that I still retain the capacity for mental plasticity to qualify under a serious reader category, I intend to add more of the feel good books back into the bag.

To begin this new resolution for the year, I finished this relatively small book in a little more than two hours. Within its limited pages, we get the feel for the past tragedy that shapes the action of Rory the bull rider. The characters seem very familiar and I feel I have visited them before. I just do not have the data to confirm it ( Must have been a pre-goodreads era). Though it seems absurd if you consider the time that elapses before things get serious,the telling of the tale lets you ignore that.The long devotion of Sadie Mann is finally given a chance to speak with her hero(Rory) and also to probably have a future. The story is pretty straightforward, but well written. The writing was good enough to make me shed a few tears in several parts of the book. This is definitely for those who love a well written book about happily ever afters.

I received this book via NetGalley and am looking forward to the others left on my queue.

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