Chick lit

Dear Dwayne, With Love by Eliza Gordon

It is very hard to make writing light, but describing a rich wholesome emotional quotient without seeming callous.

This book I received via Netgalley, and enjoyed. The story is of Dani Steele who is named after the romantic author. She has two sisters similarly burdened with names of authors her mother fancied. This and the fact that she has a very obsessive need to include Dwayne Johnson in her life sets the mood of the book. Despite having a life that is seemingly going nowhere, Dani is a person with many facets and someone you can read about, sympathize with and cheer for at various stages. This book is not just an average read, it brings together a picture of what people can accomplish together and do for each other. The writing is funny and belies the hidden depth of what an average individual goes through to maintain sanity.Dani’s family and friends seem real with flaws and loyalties that ring true and help keep us entertained while we watch Dani try out a new life for size.

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