Historical fiction

The Phantom Tree by Nicola Cornick

I requested this book via NetGalley because of the previous book of the author that I had read (House of Shadows by Nicola Cornick). I may not have enjoyed the previous book as I did this one, but the storytelling made me look forward to the possibility of this book being different.

I realized I liked the concept of ‘time slip’ before even knowing that such a term existed   (for reference: A time slip is a plot device used in fantasy and science fiction in which a person, or group of people, seem to travel through time by unknown means for a period of time).This book features a person out of time, and trying to work out something that has haunted her for years. Alison is an interesting adult, a mean girl and a lost waif at different periods of time. Relationships forged, trusts both broken and formed all between different people. The person at the other end to balance Alison out, is Mary. Mary has some qualities that Alison does not, and others she wishes she did possess to see her way in the life she has been fated to lead. Fate, intertwined by the will of the people involved with a dash of fantasy,paints an imposing image of these people bound together by events not under their control.

I am definitely ear marking this author for future and other earlier books which I might be interested in.

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