Non Fiction

Being a Writer: Advice, Musings, Essays and Experiences From the World’s Greatest Authors by Travis Elborough, Helen Gordon

The title is a mouthful, and with good reason. This book ( which I received via a suggestion in NetGalley) contains precious words collected from several of the best writers.

I am not planning, or intending to be a writer any time soon and can verify that this book can attract even the impartial reader with no ulterior motives. The different stages of completing a book,short story or any other written piece are divided into sections. These sections then contain appropriate statements ( of varying lengths) from people who made a life and no exist beyond their physical presence in our minds and shelves.

The things that they mention, are at times both similar and dissimilar to each other. Some openly contradict things that was previously mentioned ( sometimes by themselves) . This ever-changing landscape of the book is what defines the written word, and each paint a different hue giving hope to those who aspire to do similar things. The only reason I rate the book as I am, is because there is too much to digest. Even in multiple sittings, the magnitude of the details is hard to completely assimilate.

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