Historical fiction

The Beggar King (The Hangman’s Daughter #3) by Oliver Pötzsch

This book follows close at the heels of The Hangman’s Daughter #1,The Hangman’s Daughter, #2. It took me a while to get through this book, mostly because my holiday involves a lot of away from books time. I listened to this book in its entirety and did not end up reading any part of it.

Listening to this book sets the pace and the mood for the travels and troubles of the lot. This adventure has a lot of both travelling and troubles. There are multiple occasions where lives nearly lost, are saved but many are sacrificed to match the crimes by the people involved. This story begins innocently enough with the father Jakob setting out for a visit to his sick sister. The daughter Magdalena has her own troubles with regards to her suitor Simon. All three of them get embroiled in a vicious net which is seemingly held together and created by people with more than a singular agenda in mind.  They find unlikely help in places which further complicates the possible outcomes of what they need to do.The death-defying situations that they find themselves in is more dramatic than the last two books and this is more of a complete adventure book. The end of the book, with the author’s personal notes is something that should not be skipped. We are given more insight into the past that is so fleetingly referred to in the beginning of the series. By the end of this particular adventure, I am definitely looking forward to what more can happen in the chaotic world that they live in.

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