Faultlines by Barbara Taylor Sissel


This book is about loss and strength. The content may not be new, but it’s delivery does pack a punch.The thin grainy fissures, in the form of doubts and insecurities of the mind just wait beneath the surface when pressures cause them to crack, sometimes leaving a yawning gap. This book is about that process, hence being true to its title.

For some reason, I did not shed actual tears along with the agonised characters trapped within insurmountable odds. This might be the fault of how I listened to the book (yes, it was kindle unlimited, audible version) and not the book itself so I hope people look at this review more than the rating before picking up the book. The story begins with a car crash which leads to a late night call, alerting the families involved. The upheaval that follows draws from the past as well as the present and how one can throw a long shadow on the other. Each family introduced in the book, is also coming to terms with what their personality actually is, and how to the best person they can be. There is an air of mystery and suspense thrown into the mix as well.

P.S: WordPress alerted me to the fact that I have crossed 200 posts and it has been an amazing year in that regard and I would love to thank everyone who got me to start this endeavour and those who are dropping by to read my posts. I hope that this year contains more feedback from those who are reading my blog as well as suggestions on what more I could add to the mix.This could help add something beyond what I have currently going on,here on the blog.

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