Hour of Need (Scarlet Falls, #1) – Melinda Leigh

This is the start of a series in Scarlet Falls and I have read others which involve the characters introduced in this series. They are well settled by the time I had come across them in the Morgan Dane series. Their past adventures were new to me and this particular one was very interesting. There is the usual elements of heroes and villains and others in between.

The additional bonus in this book was a (more than usual) twisted plot. The unexpected bonus added to the flavour and set up the series for interesting turn of events in future books which will soon be featured in the blog.

This tale begins with the Barrett family being dealt with a blow and everyone scrambles to adjust to the situation. Caring for orphaned young children as well as protecting the life of the many people in the crosshairs of a crazed assassin takes every bit of effort of the remaining three siblings. Ellie is the next door neighbour who has more than a passing interest in the victims and their family.Grant Barrett being the hero of this particular story. There might be new hope and changes due in her life. The happily ever after is set for tale #2!

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