Children's fiction, Comics & Graphic Novel

I’m Not Your Sweet Babboo! by Charles M. Schulz

I am making my foray into books designed specifically for children with this book. I state this upfront solely because I know of multiple Peanuts panels which might apply more to the mind of an adult than to children. This book is not a collection of those panels. These are simple, upfront and mildly thought-provoking to the adult mind.That does not take away from the comic aspect of the tale.

In this collection, the original peanut characters are now older siblings, and there are more new players in the drama. There is a wicked cat next door who is fighting with snoopy. Charlie’s younger sister is extremely fond of puns and Peppermint Patty is having trouble becoming literate enough to enjoy school, Linus still clings to his blanket at times. The comic strip does focus (as usual) on sad as well as happy thoughts in these kids. For anyone with even the tiniest funny bone, this series ( as well as this book) would be a good one to add to the bookshelf.

I received this via NetGalley as an advance reviewer’s copy.

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