Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

I picked up this book as my attempt at covering the Goodreads top books of 2017. I did not get very far into the different genres ( probably because I was trying to read multiple genres simultaneously). I finally gave up on the race and decided to settle back and read this particular set of tales in a more leisurely fashion.

The introduction gives an idea on what to expect in the following pages. It is a collection of stories about the Norse gods (who I knew little about, solely due to the Marvel series). The gods in this representation are interesting characters trying to live up to their names and their ‘birthrights’ and the trials and tribulations that go with it.It can be read in pieces and still be enjoyed ( which I can truthfully attest to) but reading it as a whole would familiarize the individuals enough to identify them when mentioned later down the book. One thing that is obvious in this book is the author’s sense of humour and wry tone. I am going to be trying more books by this author with my next visit to the library.

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