Historical fiction

The Villa in Italy: A Vintage Mystery by Elizabeth Edmondson

I have been working my way through Elizabeth Edmondson books that are available to me via kindle unlimited.I was so impatient to see what occurs towards the end, that I turned off the audible narration and proceeded the traditional way ( by reading it).

The story begins with a mysterious woman, about whom not many had heard of, Beatrice Malaspina.She has arranged for a mysterious inheritance to be provided to four random strangers. Their hands are forced to partake in the games designed by this lady and she seems to dictate their movements from beyond the grave. The end up restoring their neglected souls as they fall for her home and make the best use of it they can.

We have Delia who is having trouble with her throat and chest which seems to be threatening her career as an opera singer. Her friend Jessica accompanies her on this wild quest to Italy. Dr George is a scientist weighted down by unknown demons.Marjorie has her own thoughts to battle and live with.Lucius thinks he is leading the dull life meant for him and just what he deserves. These five strangers start as nobodies but end up as a sort of family. The book does not proceed very fast in terms of the mystery at hand but it’s the languid journey as we watch the people come to terms with their lives and forge new identities in the face of their past that is the main draw of the book. I have been having a good run so far this new year, and I continue to look out for interesting suggestions to pursue.

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