Howl’s Moving Castle (Howl’s Moving Castle, #1) by Diana Wynne Jones

This book has been on my to-read list for more than a year, and I finally got around to reading it. The only thing preventing me from kicking myself about the delay , is that now I write reviews ( which I did not even dream of doing when this book went up on that list) and can express in better ways and more elaborate ways why I liked the book.

A friend of mine had given this book a full five stars, and most of the time something that she rates that highly has to be beyond ordinary, in some form or the other. I immediately noted it down for future reference. Now, since I have formed a habit of actually following my to-read list before experimenting at the library ( it has given me a more practiced way of structuring my reading habit), I got my hands on it and read it immediately.

This book has been written a long, long time ago, and though it was found in the ‘young adult’ section of the library, I would say it has a more timeless feature. As long as a part of your heart believes in magic and like seeing random things happen, it will be a fun read.There is a semi anime version of the movie that I saw the trailer of on YouTube, but it looks like they altered a few parts of it. The leading lady is Sophie Hatter, who in a self-deprecating way, always tries to be helpful. She is put in a strange position by the Witch of the Waste when she is alone at the hat shop while her sisters have been sent away to different apprenticeships. The spell cast on her changes her into an old woman who cannot reveal her situation to anyone. While wondering on her next course of action sh crosses paths with the Wizard Howl who is more enigmatic and strange than rumours suggest him to be.There are smaller parts involved in the chaos, Michael the wizards apprentice, the fire demon Calcifer.Sophie’s sisters and her step mother also drop by the story.It is for most part though,the story of Howl and Sophie and how the Witch is defeated and several other small victories on the way is the essence of the book. It is a tale of adventure, magic and relationships. I might just try more of her books for fun.

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