Chick lit, Romance

Smooth by Tracy Ewens

I sneaked in this book between other books with a harder spine and warlike attitude and those that induce debates and it felt refreshing. I am not saying this book is the opposite of all those adjectives used in the previous sentence. It has a life of its own, but considering it has a happily ever after it is relegated to the love story genre ( plus it does have that in its title).

There are ways to get that mix exactly right and this story did. The leading couple has all the required shades of an individual: drive,ambition,charm and a little hint of insecurities. We start off this tale with Patrick in sheer terror of what he had to do next and Aspen, his colleague ( as well as something much more than that) and so-called ‘wonder woman’ helps salvage the situation. Things change between them after that introduction and we get to watch a well written story about good people.Their shared history gives us more insight into drawing a wider picture around them. The author focuses more on the emotional ties than any other descriptions thus making this a very evocative book. I willingly admit I watched the story unfold with tears in my eyes and cheers for the finale (I am a sap for a good story like this one).

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