The Knowledge: A Richard Jury Mystery (Richard Jury #24)

Previously reviewed Richard Jury books :

  1. The Old Fox Deceiv’d (Richard Jury Series #2) by Martha Grimes
  2. Dust ( Richard Jury #21)
  3. The Black Cat (Richard Jury, #22)

I did not get a chance to read the book #23 before receiving an advance copy from NetGalley of #24. I am pursuing this series from both ends at this time, reading older books as well as being lucky enough to read the newer ones as they come out. I do not count this series as a brilliant one from any angle, but it is different. There is a unique presentation of the randomness of the tales. This particular book is no different.

We are given extra views into the case, with multiple angles being handled by Jury’s team of non-police help.Jury is becoming an old man though, and the tone of conversation does not seem to have the same speed of the first few books ( this last part might be in my head alone). A london Taxi driver is entertaining his fare and after he drops them off, everything goes haywire. Explanations of what the ongoing confusion is entangled in parts when we are given more information, with the passing of the story. Jury had happened to meet with the victims and got some insights which he decides to use to aid in the solution of the case. We have the london Taxi drivers on one side, a spy placed in the midst of the crime scene, a trip to the african safari ( which had the more hilarious bits in it) and an oddball group of children. The killer and his/her motives have multiple dimensions and it was hard to predict the outcome because of this irregularity.

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