Random Fiction

Lyrebird by Cecelia Ahern

It has been a while since I saw a new copy of Cecelia Ahern in the library. I usually end up starting at the ‘A’ shelf or ending there. Either way it gets more attention than a few of the other letters and I noticed a new one immediately( new in relative terms, it was published on 2016).

There are quotations from another book ‘Lore of the Lyrebird’ at the start of each section and they are a significant indication to how one should look at the following pages.The lyrebird is a large Australian songbird, the male of which has a long lyre-shaped tail and is noted for its remarkable song and display. They tend to mimic sounds perfectly, any sound. That is the basis of this tale. Laura is discovered living in seclusion, and her presence raises many questions that cannot be immediately dealt with. She is discovered by a documentary team of Bo ( the producer), Rachel (the camerawoman) and Solomon ( the sound guy and the man Laura ends up relying on). They are revisiting the area when one of the subjects of their previous documentary passes on. This opens a new can of worms because Laura has a special ability, something she is not fully aware of. Bo sees it as a golden opportunity for them.The series of events that happen next, determine their true natures and how much each of them is willing to do what they think is right. It is a good book, there is a lyrical feel to it and ends well. Though it has a few awkward phases they fade in comparison later.

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