Chick lit, Romance

Brew by Tracy Ewens

I went backwards with this series, having read the second one first (Smooth by Tracy Ewens) and then followed that up with this one. I do not know if that caused the difference, because I preferred the second one.

This story introduces the people who I am already relatively familiar with. This is about the eldest brother Boyd and his slightly unique mid-life crisis. He is about to be hit with a bout of the empty-nest syndrome of sorts. His son is about to start high school and is going to become more self-sufficient. Boyd’s path crosses with that of Ella at the ER at the tail end of her shift. Their story has the usual ups and downs, but the highlight of the book would be Mason ( the son) . His role in every scene is both serious and comic at the same time, and that is a really endearing trait. Ella is career driven and focused and has been independent her entire life and detached for her sanity while Boyd is completely plugged into his family. This adds the flavour into the mix. The happily ever after was well written. I am looking forward to the next brother’s story.

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