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101 Games to Play Before You Grow Up

Everyone who knows me, knows I have a fascination for games of all sorts. I am not much of a sport in terms of playing, because they need to be played just so. I do enjoy conducting them. Now with nieces and nephews in the picture, someday soon I might need to use my repertoire of stored games. With that in mind I requested this book as an advance copy via NetGalley.

I once owned ( and in some recess of my parent’s house, it might still exist) 1001 things to do when there is nothing to do. That was an asymmetrical collection of things to entertain a child. This is an asymmetrical collection of only games to play . It is meant for children as well as adults, because given a little free time I am sure most adults could pull off a few of these games.There are indoor and outdoor games,card games as well as a few board games included in the list. This is a fun read and would be a handy thing to have on hand for a child wallowing in boredom ( except for the board game section, it would just help to have the games on hand, and if that was the case this book would not be required, I just think they shouldn’t have included that in this as well)

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