Adventure, Fantasy

Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

Partway through this book, I felt a faint glimmer that I might have read it. It must have been in the pre Goodreads era because I have not rated it before. Even with that feel of recognition, I enjoyed the book. It was slightly odd initially, but then it takes off into a tangent to the extremely odd category.

This is not a book for those awaiting a sane read, one has to have the capacity to look at a particularly random conversation and think ‘O.K’ and move on.That is precisely what they do in the book. We are introduced to ‘fat’ Charles Nancy who is not really fat. He is filled with embarrassing anecdotes of his father, which only seem to embarrass him. Soon after his father’s passing, he discovers that his father was a God and that makes him one too, sort of. There is a previously unknown brother in the mix as well. That and complicated love lives makes this a very tangled set of adventures. It is Charles’ journey to finding himself within the chaos of  his surroundings. Ghosts and spirits of many sorts are on either side of the journey, some helping and others are the enemy.

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