Running in the Dark by Sam Reaves

This is a short book in some ways, which does not waste any time in getting to the heart of the story. We are introduced to Abby ( our leading lady) as she runs, something we are to learn she does often.Abby is faced with an unfortunate situation which will upend her life. She has to make changes she never thought she would have to.

At her new job, she is a witness to a strange turn of events that puts her in the heart of all the crazy things that follow soon after. There are red herrings strewn in our path as we follow her on her daily routine while she tries to get the hang of her work life along with the deaths in town.The situation is igniting new xenophobia in their midst and a lot of sanity would be required to make peace once again.It was a decent read. It does to some extent, leave you guessing till the end. By making sure that the solution does not come easy, and other death-defying situations, the book does earn its position in the thriller/suspense category.

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