Romance, Thriller

Minutes to Kill (Scarlet Falls, #2) by Melinda Leigh

This is the second book of the Scarlet Falls series. #1 was the first and there are other spin offs from the series. One of them is the Morgan Dane, #2,Morgan Dane #1, the third of which I am yet to read.

The people of Scarlet falls, our leading characters at least, are good people with a very strong conscience and a hardened spirit. In the case of the Barrett family, it is passed on from their father, The Colonel. Our male protagonist of this tale has his grandparents to thank for his charm and ‘goodness’. Hannah and Brody have crossed paths before in the previous case, and they renew their acquaintance with each other when trouble follows Hannah home after a heroic effort to save a young girl’s life.Her arrival spurs off vicious after effects and the madness that come after, a very bumpy ride to the resolution of more than an individual case follows soon after.The pictures painted are not for the light hearted( I know I say this often, but this is a tag that must be mentioned beforehand.The inability to digest events in a book can sour a person’s day). Hannah is a very relatable character who has finally achieved stability in a man’s world but is question the legitimacy of her desire. Brody is patient and just waiting for Hannah to realize what he already is sure of.This is one of many of the romantic thriller genre and lives up to its brand, in terms of achieving the required effect.

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