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The Joy of Mindful Writing by Joy Kenward

When I first came across the words ‘Harum-scarum’ I remember feeling a recognition with it as a description of how my brain worked. Pulled in multiple directions, and the only way to go forward is to divide my time between all my varied interests (as I do now on a daily basis). Without a nine to five job, I thought this might be an interesting book to add to the ones I have been reviewing lately and might actually help me further compartmentalize the work I am doing.

This book has a very serene approach. If the actual book looks like my advance readers’ copy did, then its very presence on a bookshelf might actually help. It systematically lists out things to try, slowly increasing the complexity of the exercises involved to try to write the best that we can. The writing is simple and straightforward. Even without seriously considering writing as a career, it gave me ideas on how to effectively use the time that I do spend writing any small thing ( even these reviews). It does involve a lot of reflection, and suggestions meant to turn thoughts inwards.I might even take the author’s suggestions on other authors to pursue for inspiration, both in the mindful and the normal inspirational category.It is a good book for people trying to work out kinks in their writing lives.

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