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Secrets of Ayurveda by Gopi Warrior, Dr. Harish Verma, Karen Sullivan

This book is completely different than many of the others that I have read/reviewed in the past year. There were several things about this that caught my eye on NetGalley and I received an advance reviewer’s copy to review. One of those things was that the people who had written it, were people with the right credentials and therefore would provide the right approach to someone who knows little of the subject. I was right about that assumption. I have had a very interesting time with it.

Having had passing familiarity with ‘alternative’ medicine (both Ayurvedic and Homeopathic in the context of having used them to improve health conditions), I was curious about what I could learn from pursuing such a book. The presentation is very motivating, providing a very academic approach to something deeply rooted in our culture back home. The detailed notes and explanations gave me new insight into what constitutes the Ayurvedic approach to all aspects(diet,exercise with yoga tips included as well as minor remedies for colds and other smaller annoying troubles). Tailoring advice based on categorization explained in certain chapters could help individuals reading, to apply the suggestions in actual daily life while indicating precisely when we should just go to a doctor instead of self-analyze.For a casual reader who does not have any intention of actively using the information provided, it would still be a worthy read.

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