Non Fiction

Storm in a Teacup: The Physics of Everyday Life by Helen Czerski

I am surprised that the book I am writing a review for today is yet another Non-fiction ( I am finally growing up!). I have a new badge! this exciting update has been provided in the About the badges page.

This book was sitting on my to read shelf for ages and then on my actual physical shelf till the library kindly notified me that I can no longer extend it’s presence with me.I then sat and read it in one go.It gives helpful information to those people who have ever been faced with a barrage of nested ‘why’s. By nested ‘why’s I mean if something is said to be a certain way, there can always be another query directed at it to ask why that should be. The author addresses that to a large extent.This book is for both the adult and the child in us. I was surprised to find that I was thinking of chemistry or physics facts from school that I never thought ( then) that I would ever recall with fondness. Basic scientific facts are covered with their real life parallels giving us a very wide picture of the strange and wonderful world we live in.The author has lived and experimented in almost all corners of the globe and with her background she is definitely an authority to provide us with the facts.

The only drawback was the time it took for me to complete the book, which may be because the author has a very descriptive way of writing, which involves a lot of segues (which were entertaining at times).There is massive amount of detail provided in the various chapters culminating in a very profound summary of the world around us.Overall a very good read.

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