Historical fiction

Voyage of Innocence by Elizabeth Edmondson

I listened to this entire book via audible and enjoyed it. The story is not a simple road from point A to B, it meanders through multiple people’s lives, their hopes,ambitions and beliefs. Our leading lady is Verity, but her cousin Claudia and Lally (the American) are equally important to the tale. They form a bond, when against all odds they arrive at Oxford. They live in a time that is hard to imagine, the author focuses more on the group’s social lives and all the glamour and the dissipative living that comes with having money and time to spare. The depth of their bond, their relationship is tested several times, and the narration binds it up very convincingly.

They are all on a boat headed to India when the story begins,the coincidence of which is not lost on a lot of people involved. Verity is under tremendous stress and we are then given insights into what brought her to the state. Young minds in tumultuous times is a perfect recipe for misunderstandings and manipulations.I like the ending which gives us a long view of where the lives of these women and their friends’ leads them, past the war years and beyond.The gradual development of the characters and the intense predicaments that is part of their lives makes this a great read.

Goodreads link:Voyage of Innocence

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