Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

This books raises questions of identity and images, one which you portray to others and one to yourself. Hidden within these questions is another, of where you would stand when a complicated situation arose. This book was rated the best book of 2017 on Goodreads in the fiction category and I have waited in the library reservation queue for my turn. Surprisingly I enjoyed the runner-up (Beartown (Björnstad, #1) by Fredrik Backman) in terms of efficiency of telling a tale.

That does not mean that this was not an interesting read. The tale is set in Shakers Heights, Ohio, USA. It is ideal playground for the study of the resident humans anthropologically ( as many of the characters think to themselves). Mia Warren(with her secret past) and her daughter Pearl bring a dash of colour into the otherwise regimented lives of the Richardson family. Their presence makes a more striking difference when there is a public debate ongoing about the custody of a baby. The main person we follow around is Mrs Richardson whose philanthropy is a very interesting talking point for book clubs to debate about.The relationships between the four Richardson children, the parents and the Warren ladies consist of natural frictions and emotions (both good and bad) and they knowingly and unknowingly influence each other and move the story ahead.This is not a story with an end though, it leaves us with just ideas and thoughts of possibilities for all involved.


Goodreads link:https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34273236-little-fires-everywhere

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