MURDER AT HOME by Faith Martin

I remember reading a book of this series before, vaguely ( Maybe a long time ago). I was unable to find it on my GoodReads read list so I may be mistaken.

The only issue with a series such as this, you need to have read a few of the previous ones to get a better picture of what we are dealing with. Our leading lady is DI Hillary Greene, who is a woman of many talents, an amazing boss and an equally good detective with a pretty bad track record of normal life ( beyond her title and work). We are given brief glimpses into her life and it does provide certain amount of adequate information to make sure we do not feel left out of the picture. This book has a new entry who has been shamed into this job, another soon-to be married member of the team has nagging trouble of her own. Unlike most other detective series, there are multiple chaotic events occurring parallel to the main case. It is more realistic, but takes getting used to. The case is a strange one, an old woman has been found stabbed in her house but there does not seem to be any obvious reason for it. I did not guess the ending, which in itself made me like the book. I am planning on pursuing the rest of the series to get a better feel for Hillary Greene and her band of mostly hardworking policemen and policewomen.

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