In the Barren Ground by Loreth Anne White

I have been listening to this book the past two days.It accompanied me on a walk in the middle of an unexpectedly cold week (which is just starting to warm up) and trying to wrap up my quilt(yes, that is another story).

I mention the background details because, despite the actual situation, it was easy to get drawn into the actual setting of the tale. The cold, dreary isolation and poor visibility in many parts during the narrative became very real. It was easy to imagine the increasingly difficult situation that Tana Larsson finds herself in. She is the only cop responsible for a huge acreage of barren cold lands and she is starting to feel the weight of the burden. In the middle of reasonably bad weather, she is called out because two biologists were supposedly attacked by wolves. Since she is a stickler for  proper procedures, she asks too many questions. These questions get her tangled in something that is deeply immersed in evil.Crash, the local bootlegger and man with the secret past is trying to help her untangle the knots( though the help is unwelcome at first). There are many people who could have a hand in the bizarre events that follow. The people of the area are very interesting and their actions together would be perfect for the turning point in any good movie!

The suspense did not seem nail-biting initially, but as the story builds up and the suspects add up, it gets more complex.The story of Tana and Crash is also handled very well.

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