Random Fiction

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

As I continue in my journey of reading books rated highly by my friends on Goodreads( and ultimately being added to my to-read list), I continue to be surprised at the depth of variety that exists in the literary world.

I have come to realize that to ensure that if I am kept supplied with good suggestions, it has to be through this medium too. I have spent the better part of the last month casually pushing more people to become active on the website so that I get more ideas on what to read!

This book is very different (as mentioned previously) from many that I have read. It has an element of suspense woven through it, and then information is casually dropped during conversation which reveals a lot. These revelations are extremely unexpected and surprising.The story is being narrated by Kathy who is a carer ( what that entails is part of the suspense). She has recently caught up with two friends from her childhood. This odd childhood that they share had also ultimately split them up. It is not just about the bonds they shared and the kind of people but is also about how they think about those bonds and their own personalities.The narration is very heartfelt and adds to the atmosphere built.

In some ways, it is an intense book that packs quite a punch. It is not for those people who dislike ‘something different’ in their reading list.One has to be open to the questions that the book may raise at the end, in order to actually enjoy it.

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