Comics & Graphic Novel, Fantasy

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card by CLAMP

When I was younger, I stayed up late ( by my standards) to watch the series in English. It was my first brush with anime related shows. My sister carried on from there though and became the ardent follower she is now. I therefore have the background information to enjoy the adventures that the characters are constantly involved in.

I may not have read the other books preceding this, but I was happy to find this one. The story picks up from a moment of peace, where all the tasks required off of Sakura seem to be at an end. She has tracked all the cards, converted them all and she holds the key to control them. Then the peace is disturbed.

This was just the first volume and I am looking forward to the second one, since I am not sure what happens next. Considering this is a short graphic novel, the review cannot be any bigger. It was a fun read and is something I am sure fans of Sakura would definitely read.

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