Beware the Past by Joy Ellis

I have been reading a bit of a book each in of the three available mediums (kindle, audible and hardcopy). I move between them as the during different times of the day, depending on what I am doing on the side. The reason I start with this explanation, is to indicate how much I was bound to the book once the story picked up that I had to see it through to the end without any distractions. I finished it in about two sittings and the conclusion does feel like it is out of the blue.

This is a stand alone book.I have read a previous book by the author (Buried on the Fens (Nikki Galena Series #7) ) which did not make much sense to me since I did not know any of  the players. The fact that the story is self-sufficient is one of the driving forces to make the book good.

DCI Matt is due to retire. We are given information about an old case that has ruined his peace of mind for more than two decades. This insight into the case come in handy, when it looks like it is all happening again. This time there seems to be a targeted angst towards Matt himself, with crumbs of clues being dropped on purpose. The villain of the piece who is lurking in the shadows, gives us glimpses of his twisted mind and equally twisted thoughts. The descriptions are not extremely graphic, but enough to pack a punch ( therefore this review comes with the standard advice: to read if you are used to the series). Matt now has to find the culprit before there is more damage done and more lives risked, but the warped brain behind it all has no wish to make it easy

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