Historical fiction

The Evergreen Tea House by David T. K. Wong

While living in a place as rich in historical activity(comparatively recent history ) as Hong Kong, it is hard not to get attracted by interesting narrations which are wound around true events and actual political scenarios.With this in mind, I picked this book up at the local library.

It took me a while to finish the book, and I did not read it in one go because the varied number of lives that are mentioned in it got too intense at times. I read it in bits and pieces and still count it as a good book. The tale begins in the 1952 and goes on in fits and starts all the way to 1985. This encompasses tumultuous times in this part of the world ( if not the whole world). Identity crisis being at its formative but potent stage, it features prominently in the story. Each person that we are given access to the private thoughts of, is battling his/her physical identity with whatever amount of conscience they have within them. We have a warrior who at a young age gave up rights to his own life for his country, a boy who wants to build on his father’s financial acquisitions and not stop at anything to get to the top even if he leaves people behind,a woman trying to figure out her role in the world and a man trying to give his personal morals a voice. These are but a few people who live in a changing time, and each play a role in some small way to moulding of their time.

Some things remain unchanged while others change at the blink of an eye.I have been reading up on and off about the history of Hong Kong and therefore I enjoyed this book ( despite the speed I read it in and not understanding all the political games hinted at). But I think this might appeal to anyone who wants to try something different.

Words I found interesting:

  • Obstreperous:noisy and difficult to control.
  • Obsolescence: the process of becoming obsolete or outdated and no longer used
  • Etiolated:having lost vigour or substance; feeble


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