Chick lit

Lost For Words by Stephanie Butland

Under the deceptively flippant approach to the narration by Loveday Cardew, lie deep issues. She has buried herself in the world of books in a second-hand bookstore for a long time. Her story is told in parts, parallelly giving us insights into the crucial stages of her ‘story’ as she sees it.

The lead character of Loveday is a very complicated person, we can see both the working of her mind and how she responds to the world around her. Her love for the world of books in evident in her daily actions.It is a delight to watch her figure out her life, while fighting her instinct to stay within her cocoon(and sometimes letting the instinct win). She has a well-meaning boss, two men interested in her and the past is beckoning to her. The title and the blurb and most other reviews tout this book as something that even a mild bibliophile would resonate with, and I concur. It is not just about the plot of the story but also about the style with which it is presented to us.I have requested another book by the same author from NetGalley ( This one also being an ARC received that way) since I had fun with this one and have my fingers crossed.

I made the mistake(of sorts) a couple of days ago, after WordPress wished me for my first anniversary of this blog of exploring other related blogs out there. The whole new world  I found was like going through a rabbit hole, with too many diversion to keep track. Considering the elite company I am keeping, it is going to be hard to create a sizable niche within this community. But I have my fingers crossed.

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