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Home Life Around the World by Anita Martinez Beijer

This is a book that I requested via NetGalley because I have had an obsession with home improvement shows for the past couple of years.

The variety of ideas that people have, and the different styles that please different people has been an interesting human nature study. Though I may not like the same things as the people in those shows, it is still fun to see where the thought comes from. This book has encompassed all that into one book. We see people in mostly creative roles in life and the homes that they have built/made their own in their own little corner of the world. I would have enjoyed if there were more photographs, but I liked it nonetheless. A lot of thought has gone into what the people featured in the book, have done with their living quarters and it is interesting to see that thought process being explained. It is a definitely a good book to have an a coffee table.I am glad I got a chance to read and review it.

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