Chick lit

The View from Rainshadow Bay (Lavender Tides #1) by Colleen Coble

This is another advance copy that I received via NetGalley. It had a reasonably unique approach to its tale. The story jumps right into all the things that have been going wrong in the little town, and then the pace slows down for us to make attempts at trying to confirm who the actual culprit may be.

We have helicopter pilot Shauna struggling with normality since her husband’s death. She stumbles into an even more precarious situation when she becomes the target of a killer on the hunt. She is joined in the hunt for the truth by her husband’s best friend Zach who is carrying his own guilt. There are many relationships involved, and a lot of unresolved issues. Some of those, will get untangled in this book.

I liked the plot, but the style of narration is not what I am fond of or used to so I would probably just give it three stars.

I decided I should go back to my original plan (when I first started the blog) to have more information about my ratings available outside of the post.


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