I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll

I found this book on the to-read list of a local chapter of a book club ( that I chickened out of going to), for the month on January. It is past january now though, and I finally got around to reading it. I was so sure of my observations and predictions for the outcome, that I delayed my morning routine to complete the book. I was surprised with the ending as I am sure most readers would be.I do not think I can read it another time, but I did enjoy this read.

The chapters are all from different viewpoints at the different times during the telling of the tale. Each chapter contains the heading of the role the person plays in the drama that their life has become. The story begins with an innocent eavesdropper in a London train. A lady who comes off more priggish that she sees herself as, overhears the conversation between four people. Though it prompts her to take action, she does not follow through towards the end. This weighs very heavily on her when she find out what happened next. The narrative picks up again a year into the future where the events of the day still cast a shadow on daily life. There are people who have each kept a piece of the truth to themselves;the lady on the train is receiving mysterious mail,the father is extremely guilt about something and the friend is definitely suppressing something. All the secrets blow up in a very dramatic fashion and give the book its edge.

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