Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? by Agatha Christie

I ventured into familiar territory today. I have surrounded myself with piles of books that I am excited to be wading through the next few weeks, and I did what I always do best when backed into such a corner. I decided to read a book already read.

I was introduced to Agatha Christie very early when in school, and within the next year or two I worked my way through almost the entire series ( they were the cheapest books in the lending library to borrow for a week and we had to pay per book). I decided to reread them, in very slow fashion, since I already know the ending. This reading is to make sure that they are still as good as I remember them, or if I just was caught up in the moment.

I found that I had a valid reason for enjoying her books. It is not just about the plot at hand, the murder and the culprits. It is about the entire ensemble, people who rub along together in either harmony or disharmony. It is more about the entire picture. I know I am probably being too poetic about it but the human nature study that is hidden within the odd characters was what fascinated me then (as it still does now).

This story was relatively simple, with Bobby Jones(while playing very bad Golf) finding a dying man and hearing his last question “why didn’t they ask Evans?”. This odd occurrence compounded with other events set Bobby and Lady Frances ( the local Earl’s daughter) on the hunt for something they think is being hidden. They do not actually solve most of it,some of it is just revealed by chance. The solution involves a lot of luck and mishaps before the end.

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