Chick lit, Mystery

Deadly Brew (Dewberry Farm Mysteries, #3) by Karen MacInerney

I reviewed the first two installments here:#1,#2. There is something likable about the series. Since there are multiple references to the previous two books in this one, it is more fun if there is a working knowledge of the town of Buttercup and its eclectic inhabitants.

As mentioned before, I like the series but I still like the first book the best. This one felt a little rushed to me. The pace of the story is fast, and the revelations roll around early. Lucy is having bad luck at her farm and she feels like her grievances may never get resolved.There is another murder in town, of another unlikable person and as usual Rooster the local cop-in-charge has decided it has to be one of Lucy’s friends. She sets out to solve this case before things go wrong any further. This time Tobias the vet has a more active role in the sleuthing. Before we leave the town, we get to see dramatic rescues, fires,a strange beast hidden in the shadows, more friendly spirits and an unhinged culprit get apprehended.

P.S: The standard nudge, do check out the other reviews on the blog.The february list is going to be out soon!

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