Coffin Scarcely Used (Flaxborough Chronicles, #1) by Colin Watson

I read this book thanks to NetGalley, and I pushed it up my reading list in order to have it coincide with its republishing. This book was originally published in 1958, and the difference in 'Vintage mysteries' are very clear when it is written by someone who actually lived in the era. This is based… Continue reading Coffin Scarcely Used (Flaxborough Chronicles, #1) by Colin Watson


Poisonfeather (Gibson Vaughn, #2) by Matthew FitzSimmons

I had been ignoring this suggestion on my kindle for a while now, assuming it was not something that I would enjoy. Then on a research expedition to GoodReads, I was surprised to see that I had read the first of this series and given it four stars!I then proceeded to download the audiobook. Once… Continue reading Poisonfeather (Gibson Vaughn, #2) by Matthew FitzSimmons