Poisonfeather (Gibson Vaughn, #2) by Matthew FitzSimmons

I had been ignoring this suggestion on my kindle for a while now, assuming it was not something that I would enjoy. Then on a research expedition to GoodReads, I was surprised to see that I had read the first of this series and given it four stars!I then proceeded to download the audiobook.

Once I saw the blurb of the first book, I was able to recollect the first adventure of Gibson Vaughn. He is facing some repercussions from the previous case that he was involved in. He thinks his life is due for a change and that a new horizon is within sight, when it is all rudely snatched away. He then sets off on a new ‘job’ which may not get him anything in return but more danger. The main story is of a high-profile embezzler (in jail) who lights a small fire by dropping unnecessary hints about his upcoming release. This small fire becomes an inferno once more people realize the implied message hidden in his words.There are a myriad of people involved, and their interactions form the highlight of the chase.There is a desperate scramble for whatever small amount of victory each participant can get. There is a shady bar waitress who hints at having a complicated past, a seeming brute who may have more to his credit,a foreign national and government spies to name a few. It is chaotic enough to make a very good movie but I was disappointed that this book doesn’t have an ending. I think I have to read the third book to finish this chapter of Vaughn’s life, which I intend to do soon.

P.S I was between books, and had no reviews to write this morning, so I changed the colour scheme of the blog instead.


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