The Noel Diary By Richard Paul Evans

I did not need to borrow another book since I have a teetering pile waiting for me. But the presence of a new book by the author on the shelf caught my eye in passing (new arrival at the library shelves that is). I discovered this author a couple of years ago, and I have not read any lately. So I gave in and brought it home.

The covers of his books are always very inviting (that is the additional bonus apart from a good heartwarming tale). This book is no exception. Our lead protagonist is Jacob Churcher who is a best-selling author and an incessant loner. He is not happy about the loneliness but it is the only way he knows to function. HIs life has not been easy and now with the sudden responsibility of cleaning up his mother’s house after her passing new information comes to light.Jacob is forced to take a long look into all the different factors that have led him to his current situation in life. As he is trying to untangle his own past, there is a strangely familiar woman on his doorstep with a request to help with her own past. What happens next is his story (I tried to make a pun about history but did not know how else to point it out apart from writing it down this way, which of course probably spoils the joke). It is a warm story with helpful and helpless characters each trying to do the best they can.It has a higher dose of religion as compared to the others that I remember but it doesn’t annoy, it just gives us more insight into the thoughts of the people involved.

I might just go back to reading more of the author’s books.

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